UPDATE: Bayberry Apartment Walkway Collapsed

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- After a walkway collapsed at the Bayberry apartment complex, residents are still concerned for their safety.

The incident injured 2 people and sent six families looking for someplace else to stay.

Residents in the building say that they have made several reports about the walkway before it caved in.

Javarra Kelley, who was assisting her blind cousin to safety when the porch collapsed, said “My neighbor called them and told them that the porch was dipping in and it was looking like it was going to fall in and they told her to make a work order.”

According to Chattanooga Fire Department Captain Chuck Hartung, “The city building officials have inspected the Bayberry apartments and they have deemed it safe for residents to move back into the non-affected side of the collapse. They also have given the apartment complex thirty days to provide a structural engineer letter as to the condition of all the walkways in the Bayberry Apartment Complex.”

Bayberry residents that live on the cleared side do not feel safe living there until the building is fixed.

Kimberly Hurd is one of the residents that was cleared to move back in.

Hurd, who has a five year old son says, “I don’t want to take my kid back in there. Who would want to take their kid back into a building that is getting ready to fall down? Ya know.”

Javarra Kelley and her family could not retrieve their belongings from their home.

Kelly and her family are just one of six families that has been displaced to a hotel. “If we had somewhere else to go then we wouldn’t be living here. Like we don’t have a plan, we can’t get in there to get our stuff. We’re clothes-less, homeless and basically we are just out.”

After the walkway collapsed, the apartment complex gave affected residents sixty dollar vouchers for Walmart and a hotel room until Friday.

Photo Credits: Captain David Tallent of the Chattanooga Fire Special Operations and Captain Chuck Hartung of the Chattanooga Fire Department.

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