UPDATE: Father of Two who Lost his Leg is Back Home Recovering

Cleveland, Tenn. (WDEF) – It’s a story we first shared more than a month ago, after a Cleveland man lost his leg in a serious car accident Thanksgiving day.

Today, David Caronna is back home and recovering, “It’s going pretty good,” said Caronna, “There’s a lot of worse off people then me. So, I think I’m able to handle it better than a lot of people, but… you know, it’s been pretty painful.”

Despite dealing with constant phantom pain, which is described as a very serious and painful sensation a person usually feels after they’ve recently lost a body part, Caronna says he manages to keep a positive attitude for his wife, his daughter and his nephew.

“My mood sets the mood in the whole house, you know,” said Caronna, “So if I’m down and in a bad mood, you know, it affects my kids and my family.”

Before his tragic accident, Caronna worked as a piano mover for more than seven years, and was the sole provider for his family. So his coworker started a GoFundMe account to help with the high medical expenses and the long road of recovery ahead.

“There’s thousands of people praying for me, and I appreciate every single prayer,” said Caronna, “I mean that GoFundMe account, you know, that helps us so much. I mean, it really does, and it just–it feels really good.”

Caronna also said he’s already talked to his manager about possibly coming back to work to start fixing furniture and pianos, which is something he could do with a prosthetic leg.

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