UPDATE: Injured Firefighters from Sunday Fire

A fire that destroyed a duplex on Glenwood Circle in Chattanooga Sunday sent two firefighters to the hospital.

"We’re blessed and we hope that the firemen are okay."

Those are the well wishes to the injured firefighters from William Hurt and Stephanie Smith, the residents of the home where they were injured.

Chattanooga Fire Department responded to the blaze at 10:30 Sunday morning.

When firefighters were inside the home battling the fire, plaster ceilings came crashing down on two of them.

"The firefighters made their way inside with hand held hose lines and they were getting ready to work on extinguishing the fire and during that time part of the ceiling collapsed on two firefighters, injuring them," said Bruce Garner with the Chattanooga Fire Department.

The battalion chief immediately commanded all firefighters leave the duplex for their safety.

The fire was then fought from the street.

Five fire trucks were on the scene but the right side of the duplex is considered a total loss.

"We can replace the material things," said Hurt. "Of course sentimental things you can’t replace but we will be able to start putting our lives back together from the fire that destroyed our home."

With services like the American Red Cross immediately on the scene Sunday morning, Smith and Hurt are counting their blessings that they and their dog Cujo made it out alive.

"Of course you can see the scene," said Johnny Hooker with the American Red Cross. "Both units were destroyed and we provided both of the families with enough money for food, clothing and shoes."

Hurt said, "So we’re extremely happy, although we’re saddened inside in our hearts, we’re happy to know the good Lord has blessed us to still be above ground."

The firefighters were treated at Erlanger and released.

Their names and condition have not been released yet but when they are, News 12 will keep you updated.

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