Update on Investigation into Walker County teacher

FLINTSTONE, Ga. (WDEF) – A scandal involving a Chattanooga Valley Elementary school teacher who is under investigation is quickly turning into a problem for the Walker County School District’s handling of the situation.

Kindergarten teacher Mark McCormack is currently under an investigation by several law enforcement agencies including Homeland Security and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Several Stanford Place Subdivision residents told News 12 that on Tuesday morning around 6 AM, they witnessed several undercover law enforcement officers taking a computer out of McCormack’s home.

“Yes there were several people going in and out of the house,” said Rosario Miguel who was visiting a relative.

“Unbelievable. I’ve known him for a while. I live in the same subdivision he does. I’ve known him at the school and for him to be under investigation is just absolutely unbelievable,” said another neighbor who asked not to be identified.

Wednesday afternoon as parents were picking up their children from Chattanooga Valley Elementary, News 12 spoke to one parent who said she supports McCormack. Another parent said he was shocked to learn McCormack was under investigation.

“If they have probable cause enough to get a warrant, then I guess that’s pretty messed up,” said Troy Copeland.

While talking to several parents and neighbors of McCormack who have children that attend McCormack’s school, News 12 learned that school leaders never notified parents about the investigation and why the teacher is not allowed to work while he is under investigation.

“Given these days and times, you want your kid to be as well protected as possible. You should alarm the parents of something like that if it pertains to their kids or around their kids; whether it be hearsay or whatever, they should know. They should not have to find out off the internet or something like that. It just looks better for the school and better for everybody if everybody is in the know,” said Copeland who was concerned about not receiving notification.

When News 12 called the Walker County School District office, to inquire why parents were not notified, the superintendent’s assistant said no comment then hung up the phone.

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