Update on Brother Charged with Severly Beating His Sister

Chattanooga (WDEF)  A Chattanooga woman is fighting for her life after police say her brother viciously attacked her.

Court papers show an ax handle was found at the scene.

WDEF News 12’s Erik Avanier has been following this story from the beginning .. he joins us now via the Live Eye 12 network.

Alisha I’m outside Erlanger medical center where Elizabeth Merriman was transported this weekend.

According to police, she suffered a life threatening head trauma after being assaulted by her brother Christopher Merriman.

He remains in jail on a 275,000 bond.

Investigators say he beat her over the head and left her lying in a pool of blood.

When officers arrived at his home, they found blood splattered all over the living room and an ax handle next to his sisters head.

They also found blood on the suspects legs and shoes.

Christopher Merriman reportedly confessed to beating his sister.

So far, there is no word on what sparked the altercation.

We hope to have updated information later tonight at 6.

Live outside Erlanger, Erik avanier WDEF News 12.

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