Update on Pit Bull attack in Lakesite; dog had previous run-in’s with animal control officers

LAKESITE, Tennessee (WDEF) — News 12 has uncovered new infomation into a Pit Bull attack that left an elderly woman in serious condition.

It happened Saturday afternoon on Bayview Road in Lakesite.

According to an investigation by News 12, “Monte,” the three year old Pit Bull has had previous run-in’s with animal control officers.

“We have an animal allegedly raised from a puppy to where it is today. Has something happened during that time? What caused the attack,” asked by Humane Educational Society Executive Director Bob Citrullo.

He was referring to the attack by Monte on an elderly next door neighbor.

On Sunday, one of Monte’s owners told News 12 the dog was off leash when it left its home and attacked the next door neighbor who was pruning bushes in her own back yard.

News 12 has learned from authorities that the elderly woman has sustained very serious and extensive injures to her leg, arm and hand; injuries which will require months of rehab.

“We have to decide now whether or not it needs to go to court; whether or not we need a judge’s rule that this is potentially dangerous animal or it is a dangerous animal,” Citrullo said.

When News 12 spoke to one of the dog’s owners and asked had there ever been any issues with that animal in the neighborhood, her reply was no, however News 12 has learned that was not a true answer.

“We have been out there multiple times. Initially, we had some calls about the dog running at large and we addressed that,” Citrullo said.

Hamilton County court document obtained by News 12 showed one of the dog’s owners had been cited back in July because the animal wasn’t up to date on its rabies vaccinations. The owner was found guilty in court and ordered to pay a $50 fine, but when Animal Control officers took Monte after Saturday’s attack, they noticed the dog was still not up to date on its rabies vaccinations.

News 12 has also learned something else that has raised red flags.

“We do know the dog has a history of chasing someone but never had hurt anyone,” Citrullo said.

One of the owners told News 12 the dog always wore an electronic shock collar to keep him on his own property, but experts say shock collars don’t always work if the dog hasn’t been trained to respect electronic barriers.

“The dog will run through the electric fence. There’s nothing to stop it,” Cirtullo said.

Monte is currently being held under quarantine to make sure he doesn’t have rabies.

Given his history and the severity of Saturday’s attack, there is a chance the owners may lose him.

Charges against the owners are pending a full investigation.

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