Update on Tinsley Playground Fire

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- Tinsley Park looked normal  just a few days ago, a place where many children came to play.

Now unfortunately it looks like this, charred and burnt with plastic fixtures twisted and the equipment itself almost to the ground.

Investigators have ruled it as arson, saying there was enough evidence to know this wasn’t your normal brush fire.

Ben Atchley, who is the Fire Marshal for Cleveland stated, “We have some video, we have some surveillance cameras and some eye witnesses, so we are working to develop suspects even as we are speaking right now. I think there is probably more than one.”

Tinsley Park Playground

Courtesy of clevelandtn.org

You can still smell the charred plastic here behind me at the Tinsley Park Playground where fire fighters had to put out flames that is said to have done damage over $100,000.

” The rubber vinyl material that was coating the metal playground equipment and that stuff caught on fire and it grew and caught the rest in this one particular section all of it on fire,” said Ben Atchley.

No one was present during the fire, but there were witnesses which leaves the Cleveland fire department asking one question… why?

“It was a malicious act and certainly there was a lot of joy from the small children that were able to go up there and play and do that and so we encourage anybody with any information to either call the Cleveland fire department or the Cleveland police department,” said Ben Atchley.”

If you have any information that could lead to an arrest there is potential to get a $5,000 reward.

All you have to do is contact the Cleveland fire department or the Cleveland police department for more information.


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