UPDATE: Hwy 27 in Spring City reopened after trail derailment

SPRING CITY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Highway 27 in Spring City is now open after a train derailment Thursday night.

Crews finished the clean up Saturday afternoon.

Both Highway 27 and the train track has fully reopened.

Authorities say that kind of cleanup takes a lot of man power.

“They have cleaned up about 4200 tons of coal so far so that doesn’t leave a whole lot but it takes longer to get that little bit cleaned up than the big piles,” says Jacky Reavley, Director of Rhea County Emergency Management.

SPRING CITY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Crews are unloading a massive amount of coal from the derailed train cars in the heart of Spring City.

Norfolk Southern now says the rails could be back open by 4PM.

But the overall cleanup could take days.

For now, Highway 27 is reduced to a couple of lanes through town and probably will stay that way into the weekend.

The train derailed around 9 PM last night.

No one was hurt, but officials tell us that eight people were displaced by the derailment and had to be put up in Dayton.

First responders and railroad crews have been working through the night.

Traffic is worse today because of the trucks having to take the coal away, plus the number of people who are driving through town just to see the wreck.

The railroad is having to clear the cars, remove the coal and then lay down new track to re-open the line.

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