US Xpress Launches Jobs Program for Reserve and Former Active Duty Military

Chattanooga’s U-S Xpress trucking has launched a new program to provide training and employment for former and current members of the military.
The campaign formally started Friday morning at the company’s East Side headquarters.

You’ll soon be seeing these specially-designed trucks out on the highway.
They’ll be operated by either a veteran, or current reservist serving in that branch–Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard.
It’s part of a promotion aimed at providing jobs for those who serve the nation.

ERIC FULLER, PRES. & COO, US XPRESS “But also if you’ll look at the type of people that are coming out of the military , you know, the loyalty, the leadership skills, the ability to work in teams, I mean these people are coming into the workforce with skills that we’re not seeing in large part from people entering the workforce today.”

Eric Fuller says the unemployment rate for post 9-11 vets is about 9.3 percent–much higher than the general population.
He told a gathering of employees and guests at the company work site that recruiting veterans for the trucking industry is a “no brainer.”
Chattanooga mayor Andy Berke was there to support the effort.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE “Today US Xpress has made a bold move to say we know where talent lies–it lies in our military ..we’re going to make sure we have a great partnership to strengthen the company and the city.”

Brigadier General Tommy Baker says support and jobs for reservists is especially important because the U-S Army is now the smallest in recent history—and the country depends on citizen soldiers.

BRIG. GEN. TOMMY BAKER, U.S. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD “I just want to say that if you have a veteran out there in your organization, or in your company that are seeking employment or seeking to better themselves …I really appreciate you lending a hand.”

US Xpress also saluted its past and present service members. One of whom is Rebecca Davis, an Indiana Army National Guard M-P. She and her veteran husband are team drivers.

REBECCA DAVIS, NATIONAL GUARD RESERVIST “We’ve been driving for US Xpress for about a year. US Xpress gives me a lot of opportunity ..wonderful things. They also make it very easy for med to fill my military obligations…get my drill weekends…my annual training.”

Rebecca Davis will drive the company’s “Army National Guard ” truck.

Eric Fuller later signed the formal agreement with the group—“Employer Support for Guard and Reserve”.

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