USA Patriots overcoming struggles

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF)- USA Patriots formally know as the wounded warriors amputee softball team flew in from all around the country to compete in the The Sgt. Chris McDonald Warrior Classic

They also took time to help with kids struggling with disabilities.

USA patriots are team of veterans with missing limbs due to combat injuries and play able body teams bringing awareness to veterans, there issues and inspiring others with limited abilities.

“It’s awesome that I can share my experience and share my story and maybe you can’t relate perfectly or 100% but it’s something that I think we all have a connection through,” said Hines.

While in Afghanistan in 2011 Reese Hines was clearing an area of IEDs and then something went wrong.

It was a large clearing effort and I was called out that morning and I had to go respond to an IED. I went to go take care of it and something happened when I was working on it and for whatever reason I set it off and I’m still here talking about it.

Saturday was Hines alive day.

“Alive day is any significant event that you could’ve lost your life in. Some people maybe don’t think, consider it a celebration but I do it’s a reason why I’m still here and I get to look back every year and celebrate what have been able to do since that day, didn’t take my life,” said Hines.

Now he plays competitive softball around the country and shares his story of how he has overcome his struggles.

“When I was first in the hospital I had a lot of concerns. I didn’t know what I was gonna be able to do… I’ve been able to share it with the kids here to see how they’re doing it. Show them that I’m 40 years old and there’s people like them. There’s adults like them. We understand and it’s OK to be yourself and it’s an awesome life,” said Hines.

Scotty Fura Jr. lost his arm in a lawn mower accident when he was 2.5 and while growing up the organization helped him out.

He said what he learned from the disabled veterans allows him to help others with disabilities.

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