Usher Visits His Old Hometown

Dalewood Middle School students got a big surprise this morning.
They thought they were just going to an awards ceremony.
But instead, pop superstar Usher showed up.
The former Chattanooga resident offered the kids some advice.

One of the biggest pop performers and the judge of the singing contest show, the Voice, came to town. Usher Raymond visited his former Middle school Thursday morning.
Dalewood Middle School students gathered for their Awards Ceremony, but were surprised when Usher came out to speak.

"When we came in here it was like decorated and stuff. So I’m like, what’s going on. Then he, Usher Raymond came, He was like giving us a speech and encouraging us to do good on the test, giving us lots of advice that we could really use"

The 36-year-old singer who attended the school, shared his experiences with Dalewood’s students and encouraged them to focus on their school work.

"His message really tied back to hard work and attaining your goals. You just don’t attain your goals and do well just my chance. You know, you have to put in hard work for that."

Even at a young age Usher showed his enthusiasm for music. Usher’s former Chorus Teacher, Roxanna Edwards said Usher’s potential was noticeable from the very beginning.

"He always told me he was gonna make it big. And, he knew what he wasn’t right away. And, he was always focused when it came to singing and working on his music. And I never had the doubt that he had the talent and he had the gift."

The performer stayed connected to Dalewood Middle School, even after his career took off.

Last year, Usher donated the funds for a new school sign and a digital marquee at Dalewood.

The singer also visited at the Orange Grove Center and the Center for the Creative Arts on Thursday.

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