UTC Hosts “What its Like to be a Muslim in Tennessee”

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Being a Muslim in America isn’t easy for millions living in our country today, as presidential candidates continue to focus on ISIS during Campaign 2016.

In fact, two proud Muslim-American men stopped by UTC’s campus this afternoon to discuss the positive side of Islam, and share their experiences of being Muslim-American in today’s society.

Hammad El-Ameen, and Galal El-Sayad both live in Tennessee, and have both spoken multiple times on the subject of their religion.

“Talk to a Muslim directly,” said El-Ameen, “because the only thing that can remove fear is knowledge, and the only cure for ignorance is knowledge.”

“We are Americans,” said El-Sayad, “Black and White, Muslim, Christian and Jews… That’s America. You can’t change it.”

For more on Muslim culture click here to visit Chattanooga’s Understanding Islam Da’awah Foundation.

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