UTC places a student & student organization on interim suspension

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – UTC has officially been back in school for one week and university officials are already having to enforce following the school’s covid-19 guidelines.

The university tells News 12 a student organization has been placed on interim suspension for having an off campus event and reported failure of members not wearing face masks. 

The university has also placed a student on suspension for failing to remain in an off campus covid-19 isolation site and for coming onto campus.

UTC officials say they have these guidelines in place for a reason and they will be enforcing them but there is a process.

“If you were working on campus or a student on campus saw somebody or something that you didn’t think was appropriate; if it is a student or a student organization, then we would refer that to the dean of students office. They would then take it through that process with them,” says Robie Robinson, Vice Chancellor of Emergency Services. 

Students, faculty, and visitors are required to wear a face mask while on the university’s campus.

Campus officials say this year won’t be easy but they have worked hard to make sure the students are safe and still gain that college experience. 

For more information on UTC covid-19 guidelines click here.

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