UTC’s I.T. Solutions for Covid-19

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The U.T.C. SimCenter is working with organizations and local business to help solve problems related to Covid-19.

Big data is being used to solve bigger problems.
“We’re a think tank that brings together the right resources” said Director of the SimCenter Anthony Skjellum. “People, knowledge, computers, and big data are used to work with others to derive and create covid-19 solutions.”

The program allows local businesses and researchers to digitally experiment ideas. The goal is to create solutions ready to hit the market.

“Right now people think they need to make certain devices. Whether it’s pieces for a ventilator or they think they’re going to make a new mask or they’re going to use 3-D printing for something but they have to simulate it and study it before they go off and make something.”
The center’s technology is one of the more advanced programs in the southeast. It’s computing power matches 200 high end gaming P-C’s all working together and its data storage represents 2 petabytes; That’s a capacity of 30,000 cell phones within one room.
“Medical Experts, Scientist engineers and small businesses who might want to use computing to solve a problem or provide a solution related to Covid-19 they would come to us to work with them on how to put the parts together.“
The center is a data bridge being transported between medicals labs, hospitals, and other researchers.

“There are people doing test, analyzing test and in our case we will be working to set up it solutions to help get that data where it needs to go once the test has happened. And it has to go back to the doctors and the patients.”

Researchers, businesses and organizations can contact the SimCenter through the email below:
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