Vacation rentals still being debated in Hamilton County

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Hamilton County Commissioners are still debating the merits of rules for short term vacation rentals in unincorporated areas.

They have passed a basic set of governing rules for private properties, but the commissioners acknowledge they need some tweaking.

Some concerned citizens from Bakewell and Sale Creek showed up at this morning’s meeting to express the problems they are having.

They say outside companies have been buying up lakefront properties in their area and turning them into party destinations around the current homeowners.

Commissioners are talking about adding an 800 foot restriction on the rental properties, but there has been opposition to that.

Other Commissioners say the current ordinance needs to come up with a better way to let residents have a say on vacation rentals in their neighborhood.

The bottom line is that the commission expects to take a year in fine tuning the ordinance.

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