Vaccine Hesitancy in Tennessee

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- A case study conducted by the Tennessee Department of Health and a third party company reveals that more people are afraid to dying from the covid vaccine than the disease itself.

Designsensory Intelligence, the third party researcher, objectively sought out public messages to over overcome barriers associated with Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites who are hesitant or rejects getting the covid-19 vaccine.

In Tennessee, 96 people participated in a case study about covid vaccine hesitancy.

Here’s the statistic that really jumps out at you.

41 percent feared death by covid, but a whopping 59 percent feared dying from the covid vaccine

“I think that’s not surprising” said Researcher Dr. Mark Mckenzie of Clinsearch.

Dr. Mckenzie says there is a growing lack of trust in science within the last year.

“Probably the most common thing we’re hearing is the speed of which the vaccines we’re developed.”

The case study also shows the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being the most trusted vaccine by Blacks and Hispanics but the least desired by Whites.

Johnson and Johnson vaccines are on hold after being linked to 7 cases of blood clots.

“I don’t think it’s a long term problem because this is what happens in a clinical trial anyway. We pause trials from time to time as we’re finding out more safety issues.”

Summarizing overall hesitancy and rejection, the Black population is willing to be vaccinated but wants assurance.

Perhaps from a physician or family member.

“That’s on par with what we understand. Also looking at statistics at the higher rate of those who live in denser populations and are more at risk.”

The toughest group to persuade was White Rural Conservatives with over 30 percent claiming they will not even consider being vaccinated.

“If you live in a rural area, you actually are not as close to interacting with a lot of people. There is evidence that says you’re already distanced.”

The U.S. is still seventh in the world for vaccinations with almost 40 percent of our population having received at least one dose.

Here is a link to Designsensory Intelligence’s research:

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