Valentine’s Day Train Ride

Valentine’s Day is a day full of love and surprises.

Many people hopped on board the Tennessee Valley Railroad’s Elegant Dinner train for an unforgettable evening on the historic locomotive.

Dining car Steward David Duncan said people get a chance to step back into time with they board the train.

“One of those rare opportunities to come and ride on a dining car, an actual real railroad dining car that was built for the southern railway in 1924.”

The Tennessee Valley Railroad’s annual dinner train has been going on for 13 years.

The cars were decorated to the 9s, all ready for couples to sit and enjoy the historical ride and enjoy a romantic meal.

Duncan said the locomotive is fully functional and every meal is prepared inside the train.

“Really it’s a function of what we can pull off in such a small space for that amount of people. We don’t change the menu much. When we do people say why did you change the menu? We liked what you were doing.”

Steve Freer, Operations Coordinator said the ride even offers people the chance to make new friends.

“Sometimes you’ll have groups that know each other. Other times you have people who are getting acquainted when they sit down to eat and that’s historically they way it was done. When you ride the train you are surrounded by history and it is a unusual thing to be able to ride on a moving train and have an actual historical experience from the past.”

If you missed the Valentine’s Day train excursion, don’t worry.
The Tennessee Rail Road Museum has more dinning trains and other fun train rides coming up.

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