Varnell Police Chief is our First Responder Hero of the Month

VARNELL, Georgia (WDEF) – Whether you’re in a big city or a small village, the job of responding to emergencies is much the same.

We’re lucky to be able to call on these law enforcement officers, firefighters and E-M-S personnel.

In little Varnell, Georgia, a lot of that work falls to the police department, and tonight we salute the new chief, as our First Responder of the month.

Here’s News 12’s Bill Mitchell.

Varnell, Georgia First responders usually work in the shadows of Chattanooga and Dalton. In other words, their work is not always recognized outside the city limits. But the 2000 or so residents still need a quick response in emergencies.

Kyle Moreno is a veteran officer who took over the chief’s job in 2019.

But, he does double duty.

CHIEF KYLE MORENO, Varnell Police Department. “’re still a police officer, you still investigate crimes, still do welfare checks . you assist other officers on call, just like all other officers and agencies.”

In a small department, every person on the staff has to carry their own weight…and Moreno is glad to have the trained group he works with.

CHIEF MORENO “our officers want to be here. This is where they want to be, they want to see Varnell grow, they want the community grow, they want to see the department grow.”

Sometimes it’s a serious crime..or just showing young people the inside of a patrol car. It’s relating to the citizens that Moreno thinks is important. And he’s has set goals for the future of his agency.

CHIEF MORENO “when I was appointed in June I kind of hit the road running, so what I did is, I took the foundation that they police department had built and started implementing things such as trying to update equipment through grant funding and other resources, increase officer training, increase officer presence in the community.”

And the plan is now taking hold. So, Chief Kyle Moreno, we here at News 12 are happy to name you our first responder of the month.

CHIEF MORENO “despite the controversy or criticism surrounding this profession, I think it’s a very honorable profession, it means a lot to me to service the community, the state of Georgia and to make a difference in somebody’s life.”

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