Venezuela’s opposition leader calls for protests to continue

Caracas, Venezuela — After days of protests, Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for demonstrations to continue until President Nicolás Maduro steps down. Guaidó is hoping to regain the momentum after Tuesday’s attempt to spark an uprising within the military led to violent clashes.

Armored vehicles plowed through crowds of anti-government protesters, including Luis Alejandro. He said he tried to get out of the way, and added the incident only strengthens his will.

Venezuelans went back to their work day routines Friday and a sense of calm returned to the streets of Caracas.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday said Maduro was on the verge of fleeing the country, but Russia stopped him. It’s a claim Russian President Vladimir Putin denied when speaking on the phone with President Trump Friday.

“I had a very good talk with President Putin,” he said. “He is not looking at all to get involved at all in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive for Venezuela.”

President Trump discusses phone call with Putin

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