Venomous Snake Bites N.C. State Baseball Coach

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – North Carolina State baseball coach Elliott Avent didn’t travel for a series at Louisville after being bit by a venomous snake.

Athletics spokesman Fred Demarest told The Associated Press a copperhead bit Avent on the right ankle outside his home Wednesday night as he pulled his dog away from the snake, which also bit the dog.

Demarest says Avent grabbed a stick to kill the snake, but it broke. He picked up another stick and stunned the snake before using an umbrella from his carport to kill it.

Avent, 60, was treated at a hospital until early Thursday but addressed the team on crutches later in the day. Demarest says the coach’s dog was treated and is OK.

Avent is expected to return for next week’s series with North Carolina.

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