Verne Lundquist Convinced ‘Kick Six’ Game Was Greatest Broadcast Moment

Verne Lundquist just wrapped up his career of calling SEC football games on CBS.
He was in the booth for that incredible ‘Kick Six’ game between Alabama and Auburn in 2013.
At first, Lundquist said that was not the most exciting moment of his broadcast career, but it seems he’s now convinced that it was.
Said Lundquist:”I woke up Sunday morning in 2013. I read online the New York Post. Mike Porcaro. He has written his column for that Sunday on the eight reasons why he thinks the finish to Alabama-Auburn 2013 was the greatest finish in all of sports. And I thought hmm, I might want to rethink where I place this. When Chris Davis dived into the endzone. No flags. I said the minute he got into the endzone there are no flags. And then I looked back. I kind of fudged and looked back and went Dear God, don’t let there be any flags, and there weren’t. And Gary (Danielson) and I never looked at each other. We just let it laid out. We laid out for a minute and 21 seconds. I know because I’ve seen this clip numerous times. And I will say this again because I have said it before. Steve Milton our director should have won an emmy for what he did that night. He made 20 camera cuts in a minute and 21, and he told the story visually in a way that was just exceptional.”>

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