Veterans back home after emotional journey to Vietnam

A group of 52 Vietnam War veterans recently returned to Vietnamese soil for the first time since the war ended. Those veterans are now back in the U.S., and they were welcomed with open arms.

Five decades after they returned home, they returned home once again. This weekend, 3,000 people gathered to welcome the veterans back from their emotional journey.

“It is very awesome. It’s great to see all these people here to give these veterans the welcome back they deserve,” said Chad Elsholtz.

While in Vietnam for President Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, CBS News met Marine Sgt. Wayne Pierret in Ho Chi Minh City. Pierret, like so many others, has battled demons for decades.

Vietnam War veteran Wayne Pierret CBS News

“We got into a fight, it was up in the DMZ and and there was a young man, he was dead and I went through his pockets and he had a picture of his wife and his children,” Pierret said. “That hit home. Boy did it ever. He was no different than I was. He had a family.”

Pierret said he suffered from nightmares. But after returning to Wisconsin this weekend, Pierret’s family said he was emotional and grateful.

Veterans back in Vietnam for the first time since the war

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