Veterans P.A.W.S. aiding veterans in need

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Veterans P.A.W.S.  based out of South Pittsburg Tennessee was created to help fill a void in service dog availability in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

Veteran Ruth Koch with Veterans P.A.W.S. said the organization provides veterans service animals at no cost to the veteran.

“We cut through all the red tape and say what exactly do you need today. Something like PTSD or whatever because nobody likes to talk about it but it is true that a lot of veterans, unfortunately, have those issues and we try to make sure that there’s not 22 suicides a day that happen,” said Koch.

She needed a service dog herself and being denied, Ruth understands most veterans’ needs in connecting with a canine treatment program. So she feels it’s incredible to give to other vets in need.

“This is a process that is helping us back out because a lot of people have problems actually going out of the house and I am one of those kinds of people. That had problems going out without a dog,” said Koch.

Veteran Don and his wife needed service animals and Veterans P.A.W.S. was able to provide two dogs for them.

“It’s nice to do and it give my wife and I something to do together. She had her dog passed away a month ago from cancer. So she’s working to get her dog, I was given to her through the veteran’s PAWS and it’s been a very very cool thing to do,” said Don.

He said his dog Adora helps him through the tough times including when he is struggling with PTSD.

“There’s times that I get whacked out, just stressed out from a day’s job. So at the end of the night when she cuddles up with you you just kind of sink into her. She likes you and all that good stuff. By the time you get to bed you’re gonna fall asleep really good,” said Don.

For more information on Veteran P.A.W.S., you can visit its website.

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