Video captures wild Florida car chase and deadly shootout

A dramatic shootout between Florida police and a suspect who allegedly stole a pickup truck at gunpoint was captured Thursday by bodycam video from just about every angle. The wild scene, from the car chase to the takedown, played out in broad daylight.

It started when police responded to a call Thursday afternoon from a Deltona, Florida, woman who was carjacked by a man with a gun, CBS News’ Kenneth Craig reports. The man was 30-year-old Phillip Thomas Marsh, who was reported missing earlier this week. Police say he was known to act violently toward law enforcement.

Marsh led police on a high-speed chase across Volusia County. He avoided several attempts to slow him down, often brandishing his firearm to keep officers away and even swerving at a deputy deploying stop sticks on the truck.

After several stop stick hits, with all four tires appearing to be deflated, the truck came to a stop. Marsh immediately fired his weapon at the officers while attempting to escape. Deputies returned fire and struck Marsh several times. He later died in a hospital.

Sergeant Thomas Dane of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was nearly killed when a bullet grazed the top of his head. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Sheriff Mark Chitwood, who was among several units on the scene, commended the deputies for their bravery.

“I can tell you, in 32 years of policing this is the luckiest day,” Chitwood said. “Because a millimeter lower and Sgt. Dane is dead.”

The sheriff said Saturday morning that Friday was Sgt. Dane’s 55th birthday. He also said he is doing “well” and is eager to return to work.

All the deputies who fired their weapons are on leave – which is standard – as state law enforcement officers investigate the shooting.

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