Video circulates on social media, shows officer pulling woman out of car

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A video on social media showed a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer pulling a woman out of a car.

“You’re under arrest for driving, allowing her to drive 92 in a 65. Not having your ID with you..,” the officer said in the video.

The incident being investigated by the Hamilton County District Attorney and internally with Tennessee Highway Patrol.

According to court documents, a traffic stop was made on a vehicle on I-75.

The passenger was Kiyara Estes.

Affidavits said Estes told Officer Charles McVey that she owned the vehicle.

They said the trooper asked for a drivers license, but she didn’t give it to him.

It stated that she became “argumentative” and after asking multiple times to get out of the car, he pulled her out.

“The officer had no cause to take that woman out of the car in the manner in which he did,” Robin Flores said.

Flores is now representing Estes and the driver.

He was approached by the girls and members of the local NAACP chapter Friday.

Flores believes this is how it happened.

“He’s pulling her by her hair coming out of the car and belted in and scared to death to reach to undo it for fear of being shot. That’s a very realistic fear. I don’t blame her,” Flores said.

Estes was arrested for charges including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and unl. knowingly permitting a person to operate a vehicle.

An affidavit said Estes “did permit” the driver “to operate her vehicle at 92mp in 65 zone, without her licenses in possession and no proof of insurance.”

A Tennessee Highway Patrol public information officer was unable to give a comment due to the ongoing investigation, but said that McVey is on administrative duty.

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