VIDEO: Marion County bus driver fired for cursing around kids

WARNING: Some language may be offensive to viewers

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Marion County bus driver is now fired for using inappropriate language around his students last week.

A video recording shows bus driver Kelly Ross in a verbal argument with someone on the phone. The bus is parked, but Ross’ choice of words around elementary and middle school students are what cost him his job.

The video filmed by a Whitwell student showing Ross arguing on the phone behind the wheel of his bus.

Within days of receiving the video, Marion County administrators fired Ross.

“First and foremost is the safety of the students,” Marion County Schools Superintendent Mark Griffith said. “That had been breached by him using the telephone, inappropriate language around the students, and inappropriate actions around the students, we just can’t tolerate that.”

Ross had driven for the school district as a contractor for a few years. Superintendent Griffith says this isn’t the first time he’s received complaints about Ross.

But the news came as a shock for some who knew him personally.

“I was like, ‘Really? Kelly did that?'” Michelle Cooney said. “He’s always been a really nice guy, though. I’ve never seen any violence or anything to even suspect that he would talk and do the things that they’re saying.”

Numerous parents we spoke with believe the school system did the right thing.

“That’s a lot of responsibility taking care of that many kids at one time,” Joseph Thomas said. “I’m pretty sure I know it could be a handful. But you know, that is a lot of responsibility and people have to stand up for that and have to be willing to sacrifice for that.”

Superintendent Griffith said the school system does do background checks on all their employees. But according to Griffith, not all of those checks can warn the system to potential behavior like this.


MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Marion County school bus driver Kelly Ross has been fired after the district looked into complaints that he used profanity while transportating students.

A passenger recorded video of the driver’s outburst.

The student’s family turned the video over to school officials.

Director of Schools Mark Griffith says Ross will no longer be allowed to drive for the county.

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