Video shows mail carrier throwing package

DUNLAP, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Dunlap man is sharing his concerns about how a package was recently delivered to his home.

Video from a security camera shows a postal worker trying to put a package in a mailbox.

When it doesn’t fit she is shown throwing it over the fence.

Jim Vandergriff says earlier this week, when his family got home, they noticed a package was in their yard.

Vandergriff checked his security camera to see what happened.

He thinks the situation could have been handled differently.

“There is a gate right here on the side of the mailbox. If she didn’t want to walk all the way up to the porch. She could have at least opened the gate and set it inside,” Vandergriff said.

Vandergriff brought his concerns to the postmaster.

“I asked him. I said, ‘Is that acceptable?’ He said, ‘No.'”

USPS issued this statement:

USPS emphasizes the importance of properly handling mailpieces for delivery to our customers.  It is not permissible to throw a parcel.  We offer our sincere apologies to this customer and are pleased the situation was brought to the attention of the local Postmaster.

Vandergriff says he regularly receives packages.

“It is easier to shop online and I do a lot of online shopping. The simple reason, so I don’t have to go down the mountain all the time,” he said.

In this case, nothing was damaged, but he hopes it won’t happen again.

“They need to treat it like it was theirs. I don’t think they would throw their package over the fence. They shouldn’t throw anyone else’s over the fence,” Vandergriff said.

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