Video shows objects thrown as Dalton IHOP employees argue

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) – Several customers at IHOP in Dalton Saturday witnessed a brawl between employees.

A server identified as Zarcola Jones and a cook identified as Anitra Perkins got into a heated argument.

Witnesses said it led to screaming, profanities, and dishes and other items being thrown.

“When one employee went into the back to tell one of the line chefs that the meal needed to be remade, there was a disagreement between the two of them about it. It sort of escalated from being words at first and then it became a physical altercation,” Dalton Police Public Relations Specialist Bruce Frazier said.

Customers were able to capture the incident inside the restaurant on their phone.

The video was helpful for officers to visualize the situation.

“When you’ve got an entire restaurant full of people pulling their phones out and taking video, you know, some customers walked up and showed our officers their video recording of the incident. So, they knew exactly what they were dealing with,” Frazier said.

According the incident report, the fight was taken outside in the parking lot.

Jones was in a vehicle, and was accused of trying to run Perkins over.

Some witnesses reported seeing Perkins hitting Jones’ vehicle, damaging the door handle and mirror.

IHOP Brand Spokeswoman Stephanie Peterson said in a statement, “Our franchisees do not tolerate fighting of any kind between their team members and the outrageous behavior displayed by these two individuals completely goes against what the brand and our operators stand for.”

“It’s just another example of something that started, sort of as, probably a pretty typical dispute in a workplace and it escalated and sometimes it is just a much better idea to take a deep breathe, walk away from the situation and not let things escalate,” Frazier said.

Both women were arrested on charges that include aggravated assault.

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