Video shows violence Officers encounter on a daily basis

LIVINGSTON, Tenn. (News Channel 5) – Deputy James Gavagan will never forget his encounter with a murder suspect.

“I was doing over 85 miles an hour trying to catch up with him,” Gavagan remembered.

Gavagan’s dashcam video recorded the high speed chase last April.

It involved Shane Townsley — a fugitive from Indiana.

Townsley came to Overton County where he had family.

When Townsley finally pulled over, Gavagan thought he might try and run.

But in the blink of eye, Townsley pulled out an assault riffle and opened fire.

“A round went through the windshield. Glass fragments got into my forehead,” Gavagan said.

He ducked under the dashboard as Townsley fired over and over.

“I just got to the point that I’ve got to do something or I’m going to die here,” Gavagan said.

When there was a break in the shooting, Gavagan fired back.

“I popped up, stuck the gun out the window and started returning fire which chased him back to his car,” Gavagan said.

He believes those shots saved his life.

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