Videos from the powerful typhoon that hit Macau & Hong Kong

BEIJING (AP) – The Latest on Typhoon Hato (all times local):


Check out the weather here in Macau! Cyclone hits and we are trapped in the MGM.

4:25 p.m.

Officials say a powerful typhoon has caused at least three deaths in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau.

Macau’s Government Information Bureau said three men, aged 30, 45 and 62, were killed in falls and accidents Wednesday related to the heavy rain and gusting winds. At least two other people were listed as missing.

Typhoon Hato came within 60 kilometers (37 miles) of the nearby financial center of Hong Kong.

China’s weather service said the storm made landfall around noon in Zhuhai in the neighboring province of Guangdong, with winds gusting at 45 meters (147.64 feet) per second.

Flooding and power outages were also reported in Hong Kong and Macau, which lie across the water 64 kilometers (40 miles) from each other.

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#typhoon #no.10# Macau never had this strong wind before, very scary, no electricity, no water and internet very soon……. omg, stay home and keep safe


In Hong Kong…

a building takes off.


#hkig #hurricanesignal10 #T10 #天鴿 #thepoweroftyphoon #staysafe


an out of control revolving door


/ 0:10

….. and here I was thinking HK Typhoons were just an elaborate ruse designed to give us all a few cheeky extra public holidays a year….. ‍♀️#Shutthefrontdoor #ohwait #shit #typhoonhato #Hongkong


who thought building cranes could ride out the storm?

Dana Nino
#hongkongtyphoon #hongkong crane falling



Typhoon 10#victoriaharbour #tsimshatsui #hongkong #typhoon

Roxy Blanco
Well the raincoat was pointless! Diego’s favourite time of the year #typhoonseason #typhoonhato #T10

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