Volkswagen Chattanooga workers file to lift the stay on a union vote

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Workers at the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant have taken the next step in union battle there.

Pro-UAW workers have filed paper work asking the National Labor Relations Board to clear the way for a union election.

Last week, the NLRB put the vote on hold to clear up an “unfair labor practice” charge against Volkswagen first.

The holdup has been over the micro-union representing a small number of maintenance workers at the plant.

VW refused to negotiate with them, they filed a grievance, the NLRB ruled against Volkswagen, the Trump administration appointed new NRLB members, and now the Board is reconsidering the grievance.

So now the UAW is trying to scrap the micro-union to get a vote on a full plant union.

“We believe the time for VW to play games and deny votes is at an end and that the right of Chattanooga workers to vote should be expedited. Voting is the American way! We believe as we always have, that the NLRB should set an election date for all Chattanooga VW maintenance and production workers.”

The UAW says that since the NRLB decision to put the vote on hold last week, they have now accepted the withdrawal of the charges originally filed by the micro-union.

So the barrier to a new vote has been lifted.

“Chattanooga workers are currently the only VW workers in the world that have no bargaining rights. It’s time to vote for Chattanooga workers.”

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