Volkswagen Chief says he apologized to President Obama in person

WOLFSBURG, Germany (WDEF) – The head of Volkswagen got some private time with the President of the United States to defend VW workers.

Chief Executive Matthias Mueller talked to President Obama for a couple of minutes during his visit to Hanover on Sunday.

Mueller spoke about the conversation at the VW annual news conference on Thursday.

He said that he personally apologized to the President for his company’s actions in the emissions scandal.

The line that particularly raises concern in Chattanooga is ” I also expressed the hope that I will be able to continue to fulfill my responsibility to 600,000 employees and their families as well as suppliers and dealers.”

Mueller says that President Obama seemed to be receptive to his remarks, but the White House has not commented on the meeting.

Volkswagen is currently negotiating with the U.S. about fines for cheating emissions tests.

The company also announced on Thursday that it was setting aside almost $8 billion for legal costs worldwide, even though they potentially face $18 billion in fines just in the U.S.

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