Volkswagen to Build Two SUVs

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Volkswagen remains determined to build an S-U-V for the American market.
But the auto giant has now waited two months longer than expected to say where it will be built.
When the announcement will come is anybody’s guess, but most of the experts are still betting on Enterprise South.

No one has confirmed it, but its possible that the February union election at the Volkswagen plant slowed the decision on where to build the Cross Blue SUV.
Volkswagen’s other plants have unions and a works council that includes management and labor representatives.
Local workers rejected the United Auto Workers, and apparently shocked the home office in Germany.
But for now—its on to building a competitive SUV, either here on in Mexico.

MICHAEL MOSS,WIGHAM, GA "I think the quality of the things that I’ve bought in my lifetime is better, American-made."

According to Volkswagen of American President and CEO Michael Horn, there’s something new—a smaller SUV that could compete against the U.S. Ford escape and others.
The Chattanooga plant is also a contender to build that vehicle.

RAY MCWHORTER, LAFAYETTE, GA. "Well why would they move it to Mexico? I don’t understand that when we already have Volkswagen headquarters and operations right here in Chattanooga."

Volkswagen’s announcement of two sizes of SUV’s was a surprise to some, and a challenge to other makers.

CHRIS MCCLEESE, TRI-STATE AUTO SERVICE "I think there are customers out there that need a larger SUV for larger families, for travel..and they’re competing with some of the GMC and Fords."

The state of Tennessee is pitching a new set of incentives to Volkswagen to land the expanded production but details are not being released.

GOV. BILL HASLAM, TENNESSEE, JUNE 4, 2014 "We’ve re-engaged in discussions with them and we’re very ..We’re obviously very hopeful we can work out something to bring the SUV here increase Volkswagen’s presence in Chattanooga."

The state incentives offered last year were withdrawn before the union election in February.

Volkswagen officials here in Chattanooga say the current plant is large enough to add another assembly line…
If it’s selected to build the Cross Blue or a smaller S-U-V.

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