Vols Hoping to “Seize the Moment” Against 3rd Ranked Georgia

The Vols have the nation’s longest winning streak for Power five teams with eight consecutive victories. But that streak will be put to the test Saturday against third ranked Georgia.

Auburn coach Gus Malzahn declared Georgia has the most talented team overall in the SEC. Jeremy Pruitt would agree.
Said Pruitt:”I think it’s one of the better teams that I’ve seen in college football over the last couple of years.”
Said Vols linebacker Henry To’o To’o:”Coach Pruitt hit it right on the spot. They’re big boys. We have to do our part. We have to come out mentally sound. Physically sound.”
The Vols running game looks pretty sound.
But can Tennessee whack a hole in that mighty Georgia defense.
Said Vols offensive lineman Brandon Kennedy:”Upfront, they’re very big. I think the nose number 99 Jordan Davis. I think he uses his size to his advantage in going against blockers in the run game.”
Said Vols running back Ty Chandler:”It’s a big challenge. A challenge we’re looking forward to. We’ve got to accept our opportunity and get ready for it. Just go seize the moment.”
Said Dawgs head coach Kirby Smart:”They’ve got a great running attack. Very calculated. They understand what they want to do. They know a lot about our defense.”
Yeah. Vols offensive coordinator Jim Chaney held the same job with Kirby Smart at Georgia.
Said Dawgs defensive back Mark Webb:”They’ve always got an answer for something under Chaney. Knowing Jim Chaney was here. He knows literally everybody that’s on defense. He knows what gets us. He knows what our problems are.”
For tough yards, look for the Vols to super size their backfield with linemen.
Said Kennedy:”We want to run the ball. So any time you put more linemen in there when we run the ball, you know it’s great for us.”
Said Pruitt:”Well Jim (Chaney) has been doing this for a long time, so obviously it’s his idea. What we call it, I have no idea the name that we use. It might be “Twelve Heavy”. I don’t know.”

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