Vols Misfortunes a Distraction Both Jones and Saban Avoiding

It seems the Alabama-Tennessee game is almost taking a back-seat this year to Butch Jones job status on Rocky Top.
The Vols are winless in the S-E-C and struggling on offense.
But Jones’ shaky future is a distraction that Butch and Bama’s Nick Saban want to avoid.
Reporter:”This is arguably the toughest game you have had since you have been here. You’re facing it with all of these questions about your own situation and your own future. How difficult is it for you to kind of focus on the task at hand and not worry about what’s going on about your own situation?”
Said Jones:”I don’t worry about any of that. All of my focus is on our players and our football program and getting them ready for the Alabama game. That’s all I focus on.”
Said Saban:”You’re always looking for all of these assumptions that you make because they have issues. They have problems in some kind of way. Why can’t that be a great motivating factor for them, and they come play their best game of the year? Y’all ever think about that? You can look at the glass half empty or half full. Not to get to the Coke bottle.”(laughter)
Reporter:”Do you kind of take that into consideration when you talk about rivalries. Do they need to be competitive in your opinion?”
Said Saban:”Well I think this, if you are talking about this one, it has been very competitive. I can remember two games that we had here. One the year we won the national championship, we had to block a field goal and win the game at the end of the game. The last time we played here we had like a seven point game or whatever.”
Said Jones:”I understand as the head football coach I am responsible for every single loss. I take every loss personally. We are going to continue to work. We are going to continue to grind our way out of it. That’s the only way I know how to do it.”
Said Saban:”The rat poison that we talked about. The external factors that are out there that talks about what you all talk about. Like they’ve got all these problems so we should just show up and flip the coin. I don’t know why we would even play the game. So to get a group of people to be special all the time in every situation with all the noise and external factors and all the stuff that’s out there. It’s a real challenge, and that’s why people in the top ten get beat every week. That’s what we are trying to avoid.”

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