Vols Running Backs Coach David Johnson Loves ‘Coach Yac’ Nickname

‘Coach Yac’ will be watching over the Vols spring game on Saturday.
That’s the nickname for UT running backs coach David Johnson, which refers to the football acronym for yards after catch.
And according to Johnson, ‘Yac’ has multiple meanings.

Reporter:”How much have you kind of taken that ‘Yac’ moniker that you had working with the wide receivers to the running backs now?”
Johnson:”Well now it’s yards after contact. So it doesn’t change. I’m still David Yac Johnson at yahoo.com as my e-mail. At the end of the day I just kind of pride myself on trying to get guys going. Trying to get guys playing at a high level.”
Reporter:”Better not coach quarterbacks. I don’t know if you could apply that ‘Yac’ to quarterbacks.”

Johnson:”Well it could go back to yards after catch after that.” (Laughter)

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