Vols Still Facing Uncertainties Heading Into Season Opener

With the kickoff to the new season just around the corner, there are still a few uncertainties for Tennessee.
That’s why head coach Butch Jones hopes to get a few issues ironed out before his 9th ranked Vols line up against App State.
Butch Jones sent his team through a Mock game Tuesday night to hopefully get’em ready for the real deal.
Said Jones-“Right now we are talking to our players about being game ready and are you game ready. Can you go out there and play 80 or 90 snaps at a very, very high level. I’m still trying to gauge how tough of a football team we are. Not just physically, but mentally, and a lot of times you don’t find out about that until some adversity strikes.”
And it seems adversity always finds the freshmen.
Said Jones-“In terms of the freshmen class, we’re going to play a lot of true freshmen. This is a freshmen class that I’ve been very, very pleased with. Everyone has been very pleased.”
The Vols have a gamer at quarterback in Josh Dobbs, who will be in his second year with offensive coordinator Mike DeBord.
Said DeBord-“I think at first he was kind of quiet and did not know. Like I would ask him things. I’d ask him what he liked, and he goes everything. The other day at practice he was kidding me about something. He never would have done that last year.”
If Dobbs goes down, Quinten Dormandy will be his backup.
Said Jones-“I thought he had his best practice of the day yesterday. Thought he was in command. He made all the throws.”
Jones would love to see his receivers practice well too.
Said Jones-“There’s two keys to this group. The ability to make clutch plays. Big plays. Go up and high-point the ball. Play the ball in the air. I think the other key component to the receiver position is just consistency.”
Added Dobbs-“A lot of guys are emerging as play-makers. It’s really cool to see the younger guys starting to come in and make plays and show that they are going to be a force this year.”

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