Volunteer Energy Cooperative Update

Volunteer Energy Cooperative: Progress continues on outages on the Cumberland Plateau. We now have approximately 400 workers deployed in this area, including 50 service and 30 right-of-way crews. In addition to the electric systems that were assisting this morning, personnel from Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation and Cumberland Electric Cooperative have joined us. We are estimating that about 300 poles will need to be replaced; this work has already begun. Often when we go to an area to restore an outage we discover additional damage that results in fewer outages in one area but more outages in another. Currently the following outage numbers are reported: 16,000 in Cumberland County, 2,700 in Fentress County, 1,000 in Overton County, 9,00 in Meigs County, 1,600 in Putnam County, and 1,300 in White County as well as a few scattered outages in other areas. We continue to work around the clock and appreciate the acts of kindness shown to crews over the past few days by individuals and businesses.
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