Dear friends:

Chattanooga needs your vote! Chattanooga was the original Outside magazine’s Best Town Ever and now we have the opportunity to become Best Town Ever – again. We need to win this so we can remain undefeated.

Four years ago, Chattanooga won the inaugural year of this competition. This year, we are once again allowed to compete for the title and we MUST win! We know we’re the BEST TOWN EVER, now here’s your chance to help Outside magazine declare that to the world!

VOTE HERE to nominate Chattanooga as Outside magazine’s 2015 Best Town Ever! Scroll below the bracket to find Chattanooga.

•Voting is segmented by brackets similar to March Madness
•You can only vote once per round, so it’s crucial to vote for Chattanooga in each of the 6 rounds (Round 1: May 4-8, Round 2: May 9-13, Round 3: May 14-18, Round 4: May 19-23, Round 5: May 24-28 & Round 6: May 29-June 3)
•Vote on all your devices for every round (iPad, laptop, desktop computers, cell phones, etc.)
•Share this email and post on your social channels to rally everyone
•Votes are tallied and displayed in real time so you can view the numbers daily
•Winners will advance until only two towns remain
•Winner will be the town with the most votes on June 5, 2015

Use this link with all posts. It takes people directly to the Outside magazine’s voting page:

1.Vote #Chattanooga for Outside mag’s #BestTowns2015! Vote 1x per round for each of the 6 rounds. We won before. Let’s win again.
2.We think #Chattanooga should win. Vote if YOU want us to win Outside mag’s Best Town Ever! Vote 1x per round for each of the 6 rounds. #BestTowns2015
3.Don’t let another city beat us! Vote for #Chattanooga as Outside mag’s Best Town Ever. Vote 1x per round for each of the 6 rounds. #BestTowns2015
4.Love #Chattanooga? Vote for the Scenic City to win Outside mag’s Best Town Ever. We must remain undefeated. #BestTowns2015
5.Vote #Chattanooga as Outside mag’s Best Town Ever. You know we have the best in class for exciting outdoor adventures! #BestTowns2015
6.Last day of Round 1 voting for Outside mag’s Best Town Ever! Show your love for #Chattanooga & vote now. #BestTowns2015 (DAY 5 of rounds)

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