Voter Registration Deadline Oct. 5th

TENNESSEE (WDEF) – Time is ticking for Tennessee voters…. As the registration deadline is just 3 days away.

“It’s disappointing that Tennessee and Hamilton County as well, that we normally do not turn out well for elections. We generally do better for presidential elections. I always want to encourage people to go out and support the people that they are knowledgeable about and have read or listened to to have a good representative government,” says Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

The Presidential election is November the 3rd.

Early Voting starts October 14th and is open through the 29th.

Election officials say if you choose to vote by mail you must have a legal reason to do so and will not be able to change your mind before voting in this election.

“Once you request a ballot; we code you as voted. The reason we do that is because we don’t want someone showing up on election day or early voting and try to vote in person. It’s a way to prevent someone from double voting. As soon as you request that ballot, that is the way you have chosen to vote,” says Tennessee Coordinator of Elections, Mark Goins.

Officials say it is possible for election results to be delayed this year  due to the significant increase in mail-in ballots, but they are hopeful that this won’t be the case.

Election Officials say that it is important to double check the status of your voter registration before heading to the polls. 

Remember, if you want your vote to count, you must have the proper registration.

For more information on how to register click here

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