Vulnerable Florida Team Rides Into Knoxville Saturday

Florida has ‘Gator-Chomped’ the Vols for nine years in-a-row.
But Florida doesn’t have that air of invincibility this time around.
Gators head to Knoxville unranked with a few questions surrounding their starting quarterback.
  Last time we saw Florida, they gave up nearly 700-yards to Alabama.
And quarterback Jeff Driskel struggled, completing just 9 of his 28 passes.
Said Driskel,"I don’t think there’s any panic in this building. Obviously, we would have liked to have played better, but we didn’t. At the end of the day, it’s an SEC game, so it’s a big deal. But we have a lot more of those, and our goals are still obtainable."
Reporter-"In Driskel’s confidence, where is that at right now?"
Said Florida head coach Will Muschamp,"I think good. I think again, Jeff is a guy that takes ownership of his play. Can’t force the ball in some situations."
   But Driskel can’t afford to go 9 of 28 against Tennessee.
Reporter-"Will, what’s your take on playing two quarterbacks. Are you one of those coaches that says philosophically if you have two, you don’t have one."
"We’re going to do what it takes to win. If that presents itself, then that’s what we’ll do."
   Driskel broke his leg in last year’s meeting against the Vols.
But during his visit to Knoxville in 2012, Driskel threw for 219-yards on 14 of 20 passing.
Said Driskel,"We’re going to have to handle the crowd noise. That’s probably the loudest place I’ve played in. I mean we’re looking forward to it. It’s going to be a good test for us. It’s a good team. We’re real excited to get out there and play."
Reporter-"On average, how long is ‘Rocky Top’ stuck in your head after you go to Knoxville?"
Chuckles Muschamp,"Hopefully not very long because that means they’re not playing it very much. We play it in practice every day. We’ve got to listen to that. You’re humming it walking in I can tell you that."
   Florida heads to Rocky Top 1-1 in SEC play.
Reporter-"But a game like this when you’re already facing a must-win."
Said Muschamp,"They’re all must-wins. When has it ever changed."
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