Wacker-Charleston creates safety page for its neighbors

CHARLESTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Wacker-Charleston chemical plant now has a new website for concerned citizens in the area.

Four months have passed since the plant’s major hydrogen gas leak and explosion at the beginning of September.

At the time, citizens complained the company’s lack of communication caused confusion and fear.

Now the company has released a detailed safety website, which includes shelter in place instructions and links to emergency notifications.

Charleston resident Royce Parfait told us “It’s a platform to work on. Once they have this in place, and if they have it in place, that will give us something to work on if there is another incident.

“And then they can see what didn’t go right and what went right, and build on that.”

“Yeah, I think it’s a positive thing that they’re working on something to notify the community.”

Here is the link to the safety page.

You can learn how to shelter in place, sign up for emergency alerts, and even listen to samples of the different kinds of emergency alarms.

Like this one for Chemical Leaks.


compared to this tone for a fire.


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