Wacker issues apology to residents

CHARLESTON, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Wacker-Charleston plant is issuing an apology to residents, after last’s week’s hydrogen gas leak and explosion.

Nikki Corley and her sister Sheree Guy live on their family farm in Charleston. It is right near the Wacker plant.

“I don’t think there had ever been any real concerns because we were never really told what those possible concerns could be. We were just thinking they would be making hyperpure polysilicon. It was no threat to the community whatsoever,” Corley said.

Last week the plant had a hydrogen gas leak and explosion.

“I was on my way home. I was actually on the phone with my husband when the explosion went off and I could hear the explosion through the phone,” Corley said.

On Thursday the company issued a letter in the newspaper saying they apologize for confusion or anxiety the incident may have caused.

“I feel like actions speak louder than words. Anyone can write a letter. Anyone can make promises on paper. But my concern is we as habitants of Bradley County and Charleston proper. I think that there were never any safety parameters, safety measures put in place for the residents of this area and not only that there was never any evacuation route,” Corley said.

Guy says she wants answers.

We are not really asking for your apology, we need this community to be aware of what is going on,” Guy said.

She decided to help organize a peaceful protest.

“We are just wanting to build awareness and people come out and bring your signs. Let your voice be heard for the community and that way we don’t speak for you. We want to know what everyone feels and Wacker needs to know what everybody is thinking and what they want,” Guy said.

While the letter states the plant is safe and secure, Corley says she hopes the company will be more transparent and honest with the community.

“We were the last to know what was going on and we were the ones in harms way.”

The protest will be Friday 7 a.m. at the intersection of Lauderdale Memorial Highway and Wacker Boulevard in Charleston.

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