WACKER plans to expand workforce, prompting interest in the Wacker Institute at Chattanooga State

Wacker has announced they will be adding 200 more high paying jobs in the coming years, and the Wacker Institute at Chattanooga State Community College has a chemical engineering program that will secure your place as a Wacker employee. CSCC Dean Tre Powell said the program is taught at the state of the art $5 million pilot plant located on Chattanooga State Community Colleges main campus.

“We’re focusing more on the the skills aspect of it,” said Powell. “So, we have our Chemical Engineering Technology Associate’s Degree. One of the things we also have is what’s called a chemical operator’s certificate. It’s I believe six courses, one math course and five technical courses. After those six courses are done, then Wacker will hire you as a chemical operator.”

Michael Morgan is a former Wacker Institute graduate who has successfully climbed the company ranks. He said Wacker is exceptionally supportive of the students.

“We want educated chemical operators. We want people who know what they’re doing here on site,” said Morgan. “We give them all the support to ensure they have every opportunity that they need. If they need help with their studies, we’re here to help them with that. So you know, Wacker is 100% behind this we’re really supportive of this program.”

If you have any questions about the program, you can email wackerinstitute@chattanoogastate.edu or call 423-697-4434.

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