Walker Co. Commission Chairman admits to purposefully delaying projects

Walker County CommThe Walker County Commissioner’s meeting saw an unusual number of attendance Thursday night.

During the meeting, they explored the possibility of hiring a county manager. The possible hire is in response to two commissioner’s that aren’t happy with Chairman Shannon Whitfield’s progress. Commissioner Mark Askew called out Whitfield for quote “slow-walking” several projects.

“Well the Board is being slow-walked on some things, at the admission of the Chair,” Askew said. “The Chair has openly admitted that he has slow-walked some of the direct decisions the Board has made.”

However, Whitfield explained that his decisions are for the good of the county and are funding based.

“One project I’ve been slow walking from a state of funding is the ball field project, many of you are aware of, the Rossville Ball Fields,” Whitfield said. “It’s a great opportunity there is a lot of recreation that’s needed. But, there was a request made by a commissioner to have the city convey that property to the county, but he didn’t even have a plan.”

Another project Whitfield admittedly delayed is the combining of the animal shelter and county animal control. He shared concerns that  the shelter director would be fired.

To view the entire meeting you can visit the official Walker County Facebook page.



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