Walker County considering water improvement plan

LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – Walker County Commissioners are faced with a big decision on whether to allocate millions of dollars to renovate water treatment and sewer infrastructure.

The Walker County Water and Sewerage Authority is asking the county government to invest $5 million towards a $45 million system improvement plan.

Walker County officials say the new infrastructure will bring clean and safe water to 50,000 residents around Chickamauga and the north end of the county.

“They would have access to more safe, healthy drinking water. It would improve water pressure. It would improve fire protection in rural areas. It would expand the access to clean drinking water to areas right now that are not even being served by the county.”

In 2017, Walker County groundwater was found to have E Coli contamination.

Walker County Water and Sewer currently spends $700,000 a year to rent two mobile filtration units.

Commissioners will review the proposal Thursday night.

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