Walker County Fire Marshal warns of heater fires

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – The Walker County Fire Marshal is reminding people to be mindful of space heaters and extension cords, after a house fire early this morning.

Several different stations responded to that house fire on North Jenkins Road.

Firefighters say the homeowner was in his room with the door shut when it started. He woke up after he heard fire alarms and smelled smoke. He then was able to escape through the window.

The house was significantly damaged.

Officials say the fire was caused by a curtain catching onto a space heater.

The Walker County Fire Marshal says they see an increase in fires this time of year due to people using space heaters and Christmas lights.

Fire Marshal Paul Linder said, “A lot of times people will put there Christmas decorations close to the heater or beds, dirty clothes, type things, they will lay them across the heaters not thinking and the heater automatically turns on.”

Fire officials recommend reading the manufacturer’s directions before plugging in anything.

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