Walker County Mobile Home Park Hit By Rash of Fires

WALKER CO., GA. (WDEF-TV) – Is it deliberate—or just a coincidence?
That’s what residents of a Walker county trailer park would like to know.
Since August 10th, four mobile homes have been destroyed by fire—and other residents fear they may be next.

This is all that’s left of three mobile homes in a small "park without a name" near Rossville.
On the morning of August 10th the home in the middle went up in flames taking another one with it and damaging a third that was later torn-down.
Three men who lived there had moved to another unit across the street the night before.
Resident Tammy Bartley lives only 30 feet away.

TAMMY BARTLEY, RESIDENT "Now all these trailers keep burning, we’re all in fear for our lives. The electricity poles are standing in the middle of a bunch of brush on one of them, which is arcing fire out of it and its going to happen again.."

But the mobile home where the men moved, also caught fire and was heavily damaged just last Sunday morning.

WAYMOND WESTBROOK, WALKER CO. FIRE MARSHAL "On investigation we located a power strip that had several items plugged into it right in the area of origin. That was probably the cause of that."

But Tammy Bartley is still concerned.

TAMMY BARTLEY "For about six months I’ve had my car windows busted out , my daughter was run over with a car, all kids of things have happened. We’ve all been in fear."

Bartley says a neighbor had threatened to quote: "burn all the trailers down". But that may not have anything to do with the recent fires.

WAYMOND WESTBROOK, WALKER CO. FIRE MARSHAL "That’s all indications at this time. You know it seems funny how it would all happen in one area like this…but it does happen."

There’s still a question about how yet another blaze broke-out in a mobile home one street away several weeks ago.
The residents made repairs and moved back in.

The fire marshal says he welcomes any new information.
The homes in that park are owned by a Chattanooga company, but we were unable to reach anyone who could comment on the rash of fires that have broken out there.

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