Walker County residents question high water bills

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — A number of Walker County residents attended the board meeting of the Walker county Rural Water Authority Monday night. Those residents say this month’s water bill is exponentially higher than month’s past, and they want to know why.

“I’m a single parent with two children. There’s no way we used 40,000 gallons of water,” Nichole Parton said.

Parton is one of many Walker County Rural Water customers wondering why their bill spiked thousands of gallons of water last month.

The manager of the co-op Mike Wade blames normal winter faucet dripping or water leaks, but the people we spoke to say that’s not the case.

“I had my wife turn the water on, and I watched it spin, turned it off. Completely stopped. So I knew immediately that I did not have a leak,” Derek Hancock of Rock Springs said. “I’m just a little confused how I misplaced approximately 9 to 10 thousand gallons for this particular month.”

Hancock posted his story on Facebook. 230 comments later, citizens think the high bills are the company playing catch up after going months without an actual meter reading.

However, the company assures they read the 1,300 meters every month.

One customer says she did find a leak after seeing her spiked bill. After some math, the bill still seemed off.

“From the one week that we had used water from when this was read to when I found the bill, we had used 6-thousand gallons. So, I’m averaging, if you say there’s four weeks in a month, that’s 24-thousand gallons a month. I would say, this says we used 110,000 gallons of water? That’s a little over four months. So I would say it’s been leaking at least four months,” Wendy Clement said.

These outspoken customers want other people who’ve experienced the same issues speak up, hoping to force change.

“I mean if they’re just going to sit back and not say a word, then they’re just going to continue doing it until we all step up and take action for it,” Parton said.

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