Walker County Schools Adopts New App To Help Struggling Families

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – Walker County Schools is stepping up to help families in need just in time for the holidays.

After seeing organizations in surrounding counties benefit from the locally developed app called Purposity, the school district decided to register with the app too.

The app allows users to provide a short tidbit about students and their families and a need that they personally have – like a new pair of shoes or new bedding, for example.

Walker County Schools social worker, Tricia Jackson, is one of the five organizers who uploads to the app.

“The way it really works is that there’s a need identified, usually it’s through a teacher. They would contact the counselor or the school social worker and we would upload that need into the app. The only people that can upload are organizers and there are five of us in Walker County. So one of the organizers would put that in the app and then that will be uploaded into the app for people to see when they log into their phone and then they can choose to purchase that,” says Jackson.

Cory Lowe, a social worker with Walker County schools, says that Purposity has become even more important in the year of a pandemic. He hopes that the app will instill the giving spirit in time for the holiday season, and inspire residents to give back to their neighbors in need.

“We’ve all fallen on hard times. I mean, I’m not above that. I’ve fallen on hard times before and I’ve had to go to my grandmother, to family members to get help with things and you know, it’s kind of like the old adage ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and we’re all a part of the same village, and we’re just trying to help do what we can to help our kids here in Walker County schools to have everything that they need,” says Lowe.

Now, organizers are hoping to do a full launch with consistent posts after the page reaches it’s goal of 500 followers.

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